9 Escape Rooms & 6 Thema's


Probably the best design of an Escape Room you have ever seen!
Take a surreal trip into this living phantasy inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice In Wonderland. Complete with rabbits, mushrooms and a secret door which travels you to a new world. Play down the rabbit hole.

Stand in Alice’s shoes and use all your mental capacities to solve ingenious puzzles. An adventure to be never forgotten!

Capacity: 2-5 persons


The serial killer has found himself another victim in one of the narrow alleys of Amsterdam. He is choosing his victims according to specific characteristics, and then captures them.

Discover these specific characteristics, seek for the murderer and be an active participant of the exciting, adventurous escape game full of adrenaline.

Capacity: 2-5 persons


Vincent van Gogh is one of the most recognized painters of the Lowlands. Like many artists in his day of age he liked the psychedelic drink Absinthe to a great degree. Popular believe is that Van Gogh’s mental well being suffered from this addiction and was one of the main reason he committed suicide.

However, after you enter this escape room you will find out that Van Gogh was killed. Your job to find out who killed Van Gogh. And was this killing on purpose? Solve tasks, look around the colourful room to get more clues and get more and more closer to solve this crime!

Capacity: 2-5 persons


You will visit a psychiatric department where you and your teammates are being the test-subject of an examination of a crazy psychiatrist who takes his job a little bit too serious.

This Escape Room is filled with math puzzles and crazy riddles without end. This is our most non-linear room and a true delight for puzzle freaks. Will you escape in 60 minutes or will you end up in a strait-jacket?

Capacity: 2-5 persons


Do you remember the cult classic The Matrix? This is not an average Escape Room, but a Break-In Experience where you have to find your way to the main server room. Try to get around a highly sensitive secured area and destroy the evil Matrix. Escape this distopian world and indulge in a challenging and most advanced technical room, although you don’t need any technical knowlegde to complete this mission. Just a sensible mind which is able to question the powers that be.

Capacity: 2-5 persons


Davey Jones, who more than 3 centuries ago was the famous sailor of the old ghost ship “The Flying Dutchman”, has lost its way to the Cape of Good Hope. Can you and your crew solve this mystery of the Ghost Ships’ disappearance?

Experience one the most innovative and exclusive Escape Rooms in Europe with next level visuals, atmosphere and brain twisters that you will not find anywhere else. 


Capacity: 2-5 persons

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Europe’s best Escape Rooms under 1 roof, we have 9 rooms with 6 different themes. We have 6 rooms with double themes and 3 rooms with another theme. Our capacity is from 2-45 players at the same time!

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